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The Story of Louise's Ancestors

Watch the incredible true story of how Louise's ancestors first came to Hilton Head Island.

Watch "Back in the Day" Historic Film

Through the Eyes of The Gullah Elders:

Groups of 10 or more have the opportunity to request now a screening of the Gullah culture film. 

Learn and inspire today as your group will benefit from this historic film, press the request now button to set up a time and date.

Watch "Art Goes Gullah" - Country Style Living with Art Fennell

"Art Goes Gullah"

Join us on a captivating journey as Art explores the rich Gullah culture of Hilton Head Island. In this engaging video, you'll experience the vibrant traditions of the Gullah people through storytelling, foodways, and much more.

Watch the Video

Enjoy and immerse yourself in the unique heritage that makes the Gullah community so special!

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